How to throw a feast worthy of Castle weddings

A wedding is most likely to be the happiest day for the couple. Many couples dream of weddings in grand castles and want to make that a reality. Right now there are many castles in the market that are ready to act as a venue for your wedding. A wedding in a castle will showcase grandeur and splendour. Nothing is as beautiful as getting married inside intricate walls that have been standing the test of time for centuries. There is much choice when it comes to castle wedding venues, so take your time to find the one best suited for you. However, it is not just the venue that must be grand, your food must also be just as grand as the venue.

The great lords and kings that decided these castles did not dine on burgers and french fries. You must plan out a menu that reflects the grand setting of your wedding. You could either plan a menu that reflects the era in which the castle was built or go for a fully extravagant meal with caviar and champagne. It is important to research about the castle you are renting out and seeing which period it is from. For example, if you find out that your castle dates back to the 17th century, then you can include pigeons and pheasant in your menu as they were very popular during that period.

Large banquets work just as well, you could have long tables covered with the best of food. A huge rack of lamb, venison, bowls of flowing fruits, and exquisite wines are a few things you can place in your wedding. You could even have a traditional pig roasting on a spit. You can consult with your chef to determine the best dishes for your wedding.